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Enterprise Cloud Application Platform is a box full of beautiful Lego bricks with which we build advanced digital platforms at SELISE.

ECAP is everywhere

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We have been building hundreds of cloud applications since 2010. Demanding security standards, high scalability, high computing intensity: We have come across all of it and we took the best of it to create ECAP.


ECAP is developed as a suite of linked, secure services. Each service runs a unique process and communicates with other services through a well-defined, lightweight mechanism.

Productivity First

Beautiful Components

Maintenance Built-in

ECAP is built on, with and for


Everything a startup needs to run a digital platform

Everything a financial institution needs to run a digital platform



Identity & Access Management

Data Services

Security Services and a lot more

High Performance Microservices


1. Is ECAP bound to Microsoft Azure or AWS?

No, ECAP is a provider agnostic platform. Nevetherless it can greatly be leveraged by utilizing Azure and AWS native services.

2. How strong are the security features of ECAP?

There are standard to advanced data security options that you can select based on your necessity and budget. Some of these features include role based access controls (RBAC), row- and column level security, session management, IP whitelisting, MFA and other authentication services to protect your application.


What kind of regulatory frameworks does ECAP adhere to?


ECAP provides all the features required for full compliance with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679) as well as Swiss Federal Data Privacy Regulation on Cross Border Dataflow (Art. 6 DSG). ECAP furthermore offers all the logging requirements to meet financial industry regulations such as SOX, MIFID II. It is to be stated, however, that the application platform alone does not suffice to comply with these laws. IT Governance and ITSM processes must be maintained for full compliance.

4. Does ECAP provide multi-tenancy functions?

Yes. You can create and unlimited number tenants of your application with segregated databases while sharing the same microservices. ECAPs multitenancy allows easy segregation of tenants and thus provides maximum hosting flexibility. A configuration file determines which components will be served standalone and which ones will be shared. ECAP furthermore comes with a frontend blueprint which is prepared with tenant aware directives.


How does ECAP ensure fast development of applications?


ECAP core features are tested in production everyday. It's modular components and close integration with build pipelines allow developers to setup an enterprise tenant with the execution of a single script.

6. What kind of file and content management system does ECAP have in place?

You can easily organize, store and retrieve data by using ECAP. You can also merge and connect different web-based applications, features and platforms to handle information and services.

7. Does ECAP have any collaboration or social network features?

Pre-existing components allow you to send, retrieve and parse emails and texts, manage taskboards across users, synchronize calendars, collaborate on the same UI in realtime over websocket and signalR.

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