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Basic Components of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a complicated system and involves a wide range of processes. There are quite a few components in a cloud computing system. In this article, we have discussed the three basic cloud components and also the major components that are essential for a cloud computing system.

Basic Cloud Components

In the simplest form, the components of a cloud computing system can be divided into three groups. They are the following:


Local Area Networks or LANs are the clients for a cloud computing system. Clients are simply desktops, laptops, or other mobile devices from where you can use the internet. Using these devices and the internet, they can get access to and use the cloud system.


The datacenter is mainly the database where your information is stored. It is like a huge storage device where every data is organized. Users can get these data using the internet. The newest trend is to make virtual servers where you can create different servers in one physical machine.

Distributed Servers

The distributed server is placing servers in different parts of the world. However, when, as a user, you are accessing it, it seems like they are right next to you.

Cloud Computing Design

There are many components of cloud computing. However, 11 of them are essential and works as the core of the cloud computing system. They are the following:


It refers to the service of accessing information from anywhere. It offers the flexibility of getting information at any time and anywhere.


This is the most used cloud computing component. When a business or organization requests storage for their data, they get this service. When there is a lack of space, a business can acquire this service.


With this service, your cloud computing system acts as a physical database. You can use it as if it is your local device even though it is situated at a remote location.


This service combines a few other resources, such as data and services. When you need a result of the combination of other services, you can have this service.


This is the front-end for end-users. Here the end-users connect to the internet and browser to get this service. This is mainly the software that will be accessed by the end-users.


It is related to other services. The task of this service to ingrate other built services. It helps create a connection between local machines and remote servers.


This is a complete platform that is hosted for remote users. It includes everything like creation, storage, application development, testing, etc.


This is the management of cloud servers. It includes resource utilization, virtualization, and business up and downtime management.


This involves security services. When you use a cloud computing system, you need to ensure the security of your data while transferring. This is essential for businesses that have economic transactions.


Using this service, the remote application or cloud system is tested. It tests design requirements, database functionality, and security measures.


It is the entire architecture of the cloud system. It includes networks, servers, databases, software, hardware, etc. Using this service, users will get to see all the elements of the system, but they will not have access to the back end.

Final Word

Depending on how the system is used and what the system is being used for, the infrastructure or design may change. However, the discussed cloud components are vital for building a functional cloud computing system.


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